San Francisco Region SCCA
Licensing School

March 4-6, 2005, Thunderhill Raceway Park.


Tom Race start, from the pole (12.5 MB WMV file) Pole position was chosen by instructors, not by lap time.
Ron Starts race 1 (12MB WMV file)  Ron starts in the back and passes about ten cars on the first lap.
Ron Starts race 2 (6.5MB WMV file) Excellent move along the wall at the green flag, unfortunately the car was down with a fuel pickup problem.
Tom fast lap in Race 2  (8.5 MB WMV file)

Thanks to Miller Motorsports for some of the pictures.

The Paddock

Rolling Out:

Tom on the pole

Going into turn 15

Ron on pit road:

Tom, almost awake, on his way to the Grid

Ron, mouth full of a breakfast burrito

This is actually the high point of organization for the weekend.

When boiling bratwurst in beer, it is important to use the correct cooking utensils.